The AirTeak team was professional and handled my yacht with great care, we'll be using them again soon for another vessel. Thanks!
  Captain Javi on Moma 72' F&S
  Miami, Florida

The system was new to me when I tried it , but I'm glad I did. A year of fishing later and my transom looks as good as the day it was finished, you've got to see this stuff to believe it
Update 2-2-12 : "After  almost 2 years AirTeak  is outperforming real teak!"
  Owner Manuelle Battle 66' Spencer Bandolera
  Puerto Rico

We would have never known it wasn't real teak ,"
  Retail store installer, Vinyard Vines
  East Coast chain USA

"It's been about two  years since you applied your AirTeak product on my boat Zues. The product looks great, and is remarkably resistant to the marine environment. Several people have inquired about AirTeak when they look closely at my transom. The only way to tell the difference between wood and your product is the logo. I maintain the surface just like any other painted surface and it looks like new.

As I have told everyone that inquires about Air Teak: The product is incredible but the people behind it are even better. You performed the work for exactly the cost you quoted, and well within the narrow amount of time you estimated it would take to do the job.

That is a rare feat to accomplish in the marine industry."

Thank you,
Sandy Smith Owner & Captain
Ft. Pierce, Florida

"I love it! Almost two years since the AirTeak was installed on the boat and I have done nothing - no maintenance. It looks as good as the day it was finished and I haven't done anything but throw some wax on it.

The owner loves the look and I love the ease. When we're pulling out of port and I see the other captains busting their humps, I tell them; I'm gonna go fish. You guys keep working on your teak.

Thanks for everything.

Capt. Brad Wright on 64' Viking "Generation"
N. Palm Beach, Florida

We are a high end yacht furniture fabricator and wood specialist. We recently
had the pleasure of using Air Teak as a major design component in one of our
unique custom boat builds.  We are extremely pleased with the product, as a matter of fact,
Air Teak exceeded our expectations.  Both our clients and tradesmen alike have
commented on its aesthetics and its natural appearance. We look forward to
many successful projects in the future utilizing Air Teak and the Air Teak Team.

Dana Andrews, President of American Yacht Restoration.
Palm Beach, Florida
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