Natural teak isn't without its downsides. From an environmental standpoint, natural teak comes from forests that are in real danger of depletion. Most teak on the market today is clear cut from old growth forests in Indonesia. The world’s forests are in crisis. Approximately half of the Earth’s original forest cover has been lost forever and, of the half that remains, only around one tenth is protected, and most of this is badly managed. Latest statistics show that an area the size of North Carolina is lost to the hardwood forests each year – and the effect is being seen in dramatic climate and other changes in the world’s people and animal populations. This factor, regardless of how you feel about environmental issues, makes teak an expensive material. And while it will last for a time with constant maintenance, it won't necessarily look good that long.

Soot, air and water pollutants, and spills can stain and discolor the teak in short order.
A natural deck can be washed, but power washing can easily erode the wood. There are varying ways to clean a teak deck, but all require harsh chemicals. Teak oils and various protective treatments can help preserve the appearance of a teak deck, but force owners to continuing constant treatments, this defeats much of the purpose of using teak in the first place. Further, many treatments sharply reduce the teak's anti-skid properties, and others can give your deck a painted look.

AirTeak is US made and uses partially recycled materials to remain environmentally friendly. AirTeak is serious about it’s commitment to our ecology and the preservation of the world’s forest systems. AirTeak will not leach chemicals into your environment or the water table. It will retain its original beauty without sanding or refinishing. This is a product that responds to the needs of forward looking architects and planners who are committed to environmentally friendly design and developments.
There’s a real commercial benefit too. Research has repeatedly proven that the lifetime cost of our products is often lower than that when using real timber.
Now you can get both an environmental saving AND a cost saving.

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