Where is AirTeak Manufactured?
AirTeak is custom made in Stuart, Florida.

What is AirTeak Made Of?
AirTeak is a proprietary composite system that combines partially recycled materials and  epoxies to create a bright, watertight, lightweight and amazingly strong material.

Where Can I Use AirTeak and For What?
The AirTeak composite system can be used for a variety of applications on Ships, Yachts, Restaurants and Airplanes. Where ever the richness of wood is desired without the excessive weight and maintenance. Flat or curved panels, interior and exterior. This is one of the most versatile systems on the planet to replicate the luster and glory of wood. Call today for ideas on your project.

Is This Like Those Plastic "Faux Teak" Boards I've Seen?
Not even close. AirTeak is an elegant and maintenance free teak replacement product for limitless applications. However, for deck surfaces, these products have a place. Our research has shown some to be much better than others. Our designers will be happy to create a "total teak" package for you.

Can I Install It Myself?
No. Air Teak is a custom application designed and installed for your specific needs by a team of trained professional installers.

How Is The Instillation Done?
When possible, fabrication and installation can be done right at our South Florida facility. When that is not practical, a trained installation team will travel to your location for the job. Air Teak installations are currently underway at several locations across the U.S. and the Caribbean. Note: reasonable travel costs will apply.

Can I put My Logo Or Graphics Into AirTeak?
Absolutely. Almost any artwork or design components can be incorporated into any Air Teak application.

Can I Customize The Colors And Grain?
AirTeak can be custom blended for you in the same tones as "real teak". Choose from a rich medium brown to elegant deep mahogany and styles from quarter sawn to knotted and mixed. AirTeak is a true win for you and the environment. Our design staff can help you create the exact look and feel you want from your new AirTeak application.

What Maintenance Is Required?
Very little care and maintenance is required. Air Teak requires about the same care as a painted surface (without re-painting). An occasional coat of wax is recommended to keep that high polished look for years

Will AirTeak Fade?
The nature of all things in direct prolonged sun is to blond in color. AirTeak is a synthetic composite that lasts years with minimal color shift and will not rot or degrade with damage or water intrusion. AirTeak uses special UV stabilized epoxies to create unheard of protection from the sun and elements. Enjoy the look without the headaches. Finally tough and beautiful  in one system.  Unlike “real” wood products Air Teak will not crack or warp with exposure to severe weather or extreme changes in temperature.

How Much Does It Weigh?
Air Teak is much lighter than “real” wood, making it perfect for marine and aircraft applications as well as overhead and vertical wall applications. Air Teak weighs less than one pound per square yard!

What If My AirTeak Is Damaged?
No problem. Most all repairs to Air Teak can be done with a simple “match grain kit” that assures a beautiful blend every time. Even if AirTeak is damaged, there is still no danger of water intrusion or color change, so repairs can be done when convenient.

Can AirTeak Be Installed Over Existing Surfaces?
Air Teak can be applied to almost any surface and the finish can add as little as 1/8 inch to the structure. If you have questions about a specific application, please, contact our design staff at 772-692-0222.

How Much Does AirTeak Cost?
For the initial instillation, Air Teak is about the same cost as “real” teak wood. This is pretty amazing when you consider that Air Teak is stronger, lighter, longer-lasting, and easier to care for than “real” teak wood and has none of the back breaking care requirements of “real” teak. Over the life of ownership, AirTeak is significantly less expensive than “real” wood.

How Do I Order AirTeak?
That is the easiest part of all. Simply pick up the phone and call us at 772-692-0222 or use the contact us link here on the web. One of our design staff will get right with you and walk you through the simple process.

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